Nov 3, 2016
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7 Ways To Save Your Old Picture

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Everyone has a box full of the old photo collection. Over the years it has been left with memories. Is gradually clouded. It will be a waste of time. However, digital technology and a printer can save the old things. Experts have suggested preserving precious memories of the old easily. First, you need to scan images. Canon Ts piksama process can take advantage of a wireless printer. Some photo editing tool that can be installed. Images repair techniques to learn. scratch, Fade Away Dust, tone-up and sharp color fuzzy edge you need to know.

1. Backup: photos of a dying way of life can not be reversed. However, some basic tools that can work to preserve. An effective strategy is to do regular backups of several different points. If you do not like any of the points, then you can go back to the previous place.

Top trusted backup server are  GOOGLE DRIVE  , GOOGLE PHOTO , Dropbox , ICloud , Onedrive many more but these are the serveri use and trust the most.

2. To clear: what to do first is to clean the scanner and photos. These dirt and dust cling. scanning can be understood if we do not clean the dust. They have to clean the digital zoom.
3. Understand layer: Another important thing to become skilled in the layer. GIMP or any of the software, such as Adobe Photoshop adjustment layers to understand the subject. Any parts of the image layer can improve the situation. If you scratch the background light is off the mask. However, the picture may be a bit dull.

4. Fraud clones: Clone brush or tool is another way of quality editing. Amcaramukta any part of the image that can be a part of the separate Elsewhere. Michelle in different parts of the image by removing the scratch to clone a great work.

5. Sharpe: Sharpe and the contrast of the image in the right can be muddy. Healing Brush can be used on sensitive parts of the teeth.

6. Natural beauty: white balancing options to normalize the images were taken. It should be possible to look at old pictures.

7. Start the day: the old-saving technology may seem unusual process. But the process is simple. It would seem more complicated, not less. Take a little practice. Sit down with a copy of the scanned images. You will see the old photos will come back better. Source: Telegraph



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