Jul 31, 2016
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Can Overnight Charging Hurts Your Smartphone Battery?

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most of the people has many reason when it comes to charge there phone during day time. If you are one of these people who don’t have the time to charge your smartphone during the day then you might opt for an overnight charging. But should you do it on a regularly? Here is a video that explains what will happen to your battery if you charge your phone over the night.
Smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices have arrived like a flood on our genartation  since the last decade. These devices can only  eat electric charge to perform daily tasks just like we need food. All of these devices are lithium-ion battery-powered and remain undernourished (in terms of charge) because they don’t get enough charge every day, not even in the night.

Now, the time when you go to sleep is the only time when you can plug your mobile phone for charging. But the common question that arises out of curiosity and lack of knowledge is “Can I Keep My Phone for overnight charging?”

A video from Android Authority is a perfect explanation to your question.

Now, you know that your mobile or tablet is capable of handling overnight charging sessions, but I will recommend you to avoid it as a daily habit.

An easy workaround would be the use of power banks till the time scientists figure out the battery that never dies. A 10,000mAh battery bank has enough juice for around 2 to 3 charging cycles to your mobile depending on its battery size.

Using a power bank (or a solar power bank if you want to go green) will also save your mobile from being tagged as a landline if you’re one of those who keep their phone plugged-in the whole time.

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