Mar 24, 2016
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Some facts of the mobile phones maybe you don’t know

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Some facts of the mobile phones maybe you don’t know

The grasp of modern life has made us a smarter phone. A wink further media has made life easy on your Mobile, but so close that, I do not know these things about him? Here you can learn about the mobile phone.

  1. The astronauts in space from your computer to your smartphone more efficient.
  2. There are more bacteria than toilet handle as many as eight times more bacteria are mobile.
  3. What is the fear of losing the mobile phone, you know? Mobile phones will be lost, so many unfounded fears, called nomophobia.
  4. China is a home computer, mobile phone customers use the Internet more.
  5. The study, more than one hundred times the average mobile phone unlocked one day.
  6. Mobile fired a popular sport in Finland.
  7. Mobile phones are sold in the United States for the first time. In 1983, the first mobile four thousand dollars.
  8. Japanese bath shower floor to talk to the phone, so it should be built in Japan, most mobile waterproof.
  9. 65 percent of smartphone users do not download an app.
  10. The person in the world than there are toilets for mobile use.
  11. 70 per cent of the world is made in China Mobile. 99 percent of mobile viruses is the Android phone.
  12. Sonoma XP 3300 Force is the world’s most tough mobile phone. 84-foot fall from the mobile phone intact. Guinness book of records for mobile.
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