Oct 20, 2016
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Frog Temple, Where People Worship Only Frog

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Animals have a special place in the Hindu Scriptures. At different times of the year with dedication and devotion to the beast is worshiped. But the frog ever heard of worship? If a hearing is not surprising. The frog is worshiped with devotion. Fertility, abundance, and success are worshiped as a symbol of the amphibians.

But where is this worship? The only temple in India frog (Frog Temple) is kheri Lakhimpur district in Uttar Pradesh. It is, of course, good luck fans Singh’s special contribution was the beginning of the frog. These animals are considered to be blessed him. He was the child’s health and wealth. That is why the building is the Temple of the Frog.

This area is known as the Temple manduka. The 00-year-old Temple of success in life is met, the belief here every year and is attended by many fans. Shivaratri, auditory, and every Monday of the month at the Kali temple is the biggest crowd.

The temple is famous for its architectural monuments 100 feet in height. The inner walls of the temple are enhanced images of Hindu gods and goddesses. Outside the temple, wallflowers design. There are over a giant frog statue sanctum of the temple.

My father was a king lion king haradeo Singh fans. Nimarana descendant of the dynasty. Members of the current generation of the words, “This temple has been introduced luck to them from generation to generation. Ubartara is worshiped as a symbol of frog here. If you have children, you can visit the temple again, and many believe that the child will remain healthy



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