Mar 20, 2016
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How big is the Internet?

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The Internet is a very busy place. 6 thousand tweets per second, 40 thousand Google search and 20 million e-mail is sent. But the sheer size of these figures gives an overview about the Internet.

The Internet really such a platform? September is referred to as one of 2014, the world has 100 million websites. However, these numbers can be changed every moment. No deaths occurring in a site is to create a new one. There has been shuttled slowly in the ‘Deep Web’ concept. This is part of the Google or other search engines. Deep Web is that it may not be harmful to others.
The secret things again and Black market Specialized Tor software, which can be seen through. Deep Web a stake the rest of the Internet some of the surface. Due to continuous changes in this part of the expansion of the Internet is not available about the idea. The number of searches on the Internet to find out the name of the site strives Internet expert Maurice de Kunda and his colleagues applied their methods to provoke. They took out the use of 50 common words in Google and Bing search majority occur. The application reads the words that they have discovered a way to get out of the website. Through studies, 016 by the middle of March is 4.66 billion web pages online. Now the question is, how much information is on the Internet? University of California researcher Martin Hilbert responded.
He said that the Internet contains information, communication systems and it does count. The capacity of the Internet to determine how much can be done through the exchange of information. In addition, it enables the exchange of information on how a certain time is an important calculation. According to a study of 2014 Internet exabytes of the storage capacity of 10 million. Eksabaita one equals 1 billion bytes. Sisakosa Visual Networking Index is called, is now the era of the Internet jetabaita. Jetabaita 1000 exabytes equal to one.
2016 last year from the global Internet traffic will increase by 1.1 jetabaita. Jetabaita the same 36-year period of high-definition video of the same. For the measurement of the size of the Internet, a hacker in 01 counting the number of IP addresses. IP protocols of the Internet. It acts as a data flow. At least one device has an IP address in the world. This is seen as the hacker, the world has 1.3 billion IP addresses. As if all these bytes are the confused head, but there is no problem. Scientists have tried to shape the physical size of the Internet in 2015.
Journal of Interdisciplinary Topics in Science, is called, it is assumed that, if you print a Web page by an average of 33 jobs will be the size of a four-inch size 827×1169. As she 305.5 billion at the internet printing paper will be the size of four. 2011 expert Hilbert and his colleagues calculated the highlight information on the Internet, the world 295 exabytes analogue and digital storage. When the CD-ROM can hold as many as 38 million of the CD will be laid side by side, it would exceed 900 miles. The researchers said the Internet is increasing day by day storage. But he is being kept in accordance with the new information. Internet storage is growing at a rate twice every three years. Very soon, however, the information will be entered into the era of the knowledge age. Source: Live Science



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