May 9, 2016
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How To Have Amazing Life

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There are no people who want to have an boring life, but the truth is they automatically get that boring life. It’s kind a like gift from god when you really don’t need it but it happened. We all come at a point where our life dosent matter anymore. Now have you ask yourself why ? why does you feel that way. Let’s talk about that today shall we.

It’s is a natural part of our life to feel boring and it’s okay, but if you feel this all day, all the time than you really do have some problem. Problem is also part of our life. It helps us to grow and more impotently teach us lesson. Few problem are really hard to solve and some are easy to crack. If you can’t crack the problem maybe that press always makes your day like miscible , fool or feel bad yourself. What i’m gonna say is if you can’t solve the problem by yourself than seek for help. It will help a lot. If you really want to have an amazing life than you mast solve all your problem.

Next step is to… well it gonna be really pain in the neck for you. Step out from social media. Social media like facebook,twitter,instragm etc people now a days use way too much. i can bet that you use social media more than you use your legs.

There is a saying “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got and you will feel what you always felt” . If you want to do something amazing in your life than you have do do something you never did before. There are lot’s of people who don’t like to do something but still do it. If you do not love what you do than you will never reach for the true happiness.

Go for it try to reach the start. If you aim for the star you will defiantly reach the moon that’s the truth. Today is a new day and this day will over later. You will never have this time. We all know time and tide wait for none. So what are you waiting for ?.

If you waiting for that perfect timing than it will never come. you know what you have to ? you have to create the perfect timing for yourself. If your perfect timing do come you will not notice because your too busy in your own business.

I want you to stop everything your doing right now and loot at yourself. Why are you reading this artical if your happy ? you wanted to seek for help but the truth is people are way too busy solving there own problem. If there is something you  don’t like in your life change it. The true happiness come When you help other people.

You wait more than enough now it’s time to shine. you deserve way much more. You are unique in your own way. Get busy doing your own thing.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

― Vivian Greene

Hpfully you gain something from this artical Thank you for reading.

One more thing “Everybody want’s to be happy nobody want the pain, but you can’t see the rainbow without little rain



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