Mar 17, 2016
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iphone 7 some exclusive features

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The technology company Apple has never revealed details of their next smart phones. It is a surprise to the market and apple customer, as they believe it. So the next smart phones to find out the information on the assistance of third-party information is published. So many rumors spread in the market with Apple’s next product. According to a report in the c|net.
In October 2016 to enter the smartphone market, Apple’s next iPhone 7. In September 2016 very likely to come to market. Over the years this practice in accordance with Apple’s iPhone marketing. 7 There will be two versions of the iPhone, according to information.

New Design
Design changes to the phone’s home button and the new iPhone could disappear comments jyaphrera Piper said Gene Munster managing director and senior researcher. As a result, the iPhone screen will be larger. Design changes to the plan in the next iPhone, the iPhone 7 will be the surprise. Every year, the appearance of the iPhone, Apple usually reconstituted. But the next model of the iPhone, according to Moonstar concept is the home button on the iPhone 7 to 50 percent chance. They said, “Many people predict that the combination of touch-D to remove the home button from the iPhone Apple. The extra space on the small phone screen to increase or remove the device.

Advanced Screen
Could be a major upgrade to the new iPhone screen. However, it is not only the Moonstar only predict. Analysts believe that Apple, the iPhone’s 7 screen Sapphire glass Apple may use. Apple is already using some of Las Sapphire model of Apple Watch. According to a recent report, however, on the iPhone and Apple’s future is expected to use LED technology. In 2018, however, the addition of such technology may come to the iPhone 8.

Advanced Battery
The battery can be improved. The battery of the smart phone market is a concern to all smart phones. Analysts said Apple’s battery life will be, we believe. In the past few years can be seen in the history of Mac computers, Apple’s MacBook battery life has gradually doubled. This is double the battery life of the processor and software involving could.

It is an interesting information for users about the iPhone 7 could be water proof. iPhone 6S than previous models water resistant. A video on YouTube to try to prove that the device was dipped in water for one hour. This provoked speculation that Apple may be the next smartphone will create a more water resistant.

More thinnest smartphone
Kejia may be much thinner than the previous model Securities analyst Ming-Kuo said, the iPhone 7 could be the thinnest iPhone. According to a new study from Apple Insider, the iPhone 6 and 6.5 mm in width could be the next device. The previous device, which means 6S and 6S Plus 7.3 and 7.1 mm in width respectively.

Headphone jack will not be
The next iPhone may not be a headphone jack that several mass media reported recently. So far, the device has a 3.5 mm headphone jack a. And if Apple will be able to create a much thinner iPhone. The people will be interested in the use of wireless headphones.

Advanced Chip
Intel media Venture Beat reported in October, more than 1,000 employees are working with Intel to create chips for the iPhone. IPhone will be able to determine where you are looking iPhone 7 Eye tracking technology. Apple has several patent applications for. I understand what you’re looking through a camera on the device will be able to screen it out. However, it will reflect on the screen.

IPhone Mini
Apple iPhone mini 4-inch Apple’s smallest smart phones to find that out. The unrecognized device has been named as the Mini. According to analyst Ming-Bo kuo, 2016 since it may come on the market. But the question is, why Apple should get the iPhone mini? IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 esara Due to the size of the commercial market, Apple is probably trying to figure out a new, smaller phones.

Two-lens camera
IPhone 7 Plus models have smart phones together two rear camera lens. Recently, Apple devices and software for leaks in the famous “Mac riumara the reports, this year’s iPhone rear camera lens will be 7 plus the two together. According to the report, KEG Securities analyst Ming-Chi wells gives the first impression about the rumors. He said that out of the two versions of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. In one of the two rear camera lens. Lenski time taking pictures of the two will work together. D video can be recorded with the additional camera. With this lens can be used to look forward to riphokasim, which is currently only available Lytro cameras.

Other Features
According to these leaked online, the iPhone 7 will be added with the improved technology of the camera, and D Touch 56 GB memory card! According to the website, a smartphone gadget arenas. Further, according to the Seven iPhone 3 GB of RAM.

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  • Whether iPhone sales drop to that level or not, Apple clearly need a win with its upcoming flagship iPhone. But despite Apple knowing it needs a big win, I think it’ll likely have a hard time introducing new features that can win over customers. 

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