Sep 18, 2016
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IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 plus – 20 Things You Didn’t Know!

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Hello everyone
angel from YESMYTIME here.
In light of the iPhone 7 release i wanted to share 20 things you didn’t know about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple didn’t share everything with us so i will.

Now i don’t guarantee you don’t know everything here but at least one or two of these will be a surprise. So the iPhone 7 ditches the physical home button that leaves a question how do you hard reset it or put it into DFU mode ?. basically the home button just gets replaced by the volume down button to hold power and volume down just like you would.

Does iPhone 7 and plus screen works underwater ? Now the iPhone 7 display

does not respond underwater. Early reviewers are claiming it’s just freaking out and not working.
Before the iPhone 7 was even released it was disassembled. The people have disassembled it claimed that it does have a rubber seal going around the

edge that means if you ever replace the display you’ll have to replace that as well otherwise the water resistance gets compromised. Now i was disappointed to lean that the materials are the exact same as the
iPhone 6s that means do i on display and as for the material itself will be aluminum 7,000. That means the iphone is water resistant but it’s no more durable against drops and believe it or not picking up the iphone 7 you may notice it is lighter by five grams. it’s a very small amount but people are
claiming they can actually feel it.

The iphone 7 is really exceeding expectations both T-mobile an Sprint are claiming it’s actually be iPhone 7 records for per-order by four times. T-mobile CEO claims it’s the most per-ordered device in T-mobile  USA history.
Who was it said  that nobody would buy iphone without headphone jack ? hmm..

After per-orders after the blood in the water cleared it was apparent that the iphone 7 plus in jet black was the most popular phone. Apple even went out and release the statement saying anybody that’s waiting in
line currently to try and get an iPhone 7 plus or an iPhone 7 or 7 plus and jet-black is wasting their time. It’s actually amazing how critical the response was to the iPhone 7 and in particular the 7 plus and the jet black

So the iPhone 7 plus comes with a dual camera setup, however we don’t know the specs just until the other day and it’s been confirmed that there are different apertures and sensor sizes as well as a difference in optical image stabilization. So This means in different environment’s when you’re
shooting you’re gonna get different results. Let’s say you want to zoom in a low lying environment. you’re no longer using the wise aperture lens  you’re using the other one with an f 2.8 lens which means lower quality in darker environments kinda sucks. Also because the zoom lens has no optical image stabilization. If you zoom in you’re gonna get more shaky video or photos even if it’s just the two times optical zoom.

So just like rumored Apple did indeed make the earpiece on the front of the phone a wider this means incompatibility with any old screen protectors or cases you may have laying around. Now we knew that the cameras would be different but now in the front of the phone you’re facing an entirely different issue. Your old screen protectors will not work.

If you look at the bottom of the phone 7 or 7 plus it appears that has stereo speakers which it does just not here. The one on the left is just the appearances the stereo speaker actually comes from the earpiece. This one’s a little complicated depending on which  carrier you buy your phone from. You’re going to get a different LTE modem inside if you buy from AT&T or t-mobile. It will not have a csma radio with Verizon or sprint it will.

It has been confirmed from many sources already iPhone 7 plus will indeed have three GB of ram. So it’s going to be a little bit faster vs the iPhone 7 and the actually battery sizes have been confirmed as well so that means the phone 7 will have a nineteen sixty million battery and the iPhone 7 plus. We’ll have a larger 29 10 million battery as well and much like 3D touch the customization home button will allow you to set how much response you want coming from it.So how hard you have to press in order to activate it and when you press how much feedback get from the tactic engine talking about that tactic engine.

It’s twice as big as the one on the success and almost three times as big as the vibration motor on the iPhone  6 which means you’ll feel the vibrations in your pocket much more prominently and what did Apple replace the headphone jack with.

Just so you guys know you’re getting a bigger battery more sound they stereo speakers set up any much more prominent tactic engine because of the removal of the headphone jack and the iPhone 7 plus batteries better and always except one you can talk less on it. So 21 hours vs 24  on the iphone 6s plus and i really like the fact that there’s a that there’s a throwback in the

packaging  to earlier iPhone. So the jet-black will have exclusive packaging similar to that of the iPhone 5 and very very early iPhone models does look good and while Apple did not lie when he said this was the most powerful smartphone on the market. Almost BB single-core score of any relatable major smartphone that’s competing with it. Including the Samsung galaxy note 7
and 7.

It’s even in mac book air territory that is just incredible and that’s 20 things ? or maybe 21 things about you did not know iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.hopefully this artical helps you to know better.

tell us which iPhone 7 or 7 plus you have  ?

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