Dec 27, 2016
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10 mistake in your fashion style for men

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Each well-dressed men trying to learn several things about the style. And inevitably does something wrong.
If you want to make the mistakes, and mistakes can be said that if you want to know exactly how it would read:

1. “Slim boot-cut pants to show the people should wear wide legs.” The idea is not correct. Boot-cut pants are fine, but the worst ones.
2. “The baggy shirts like shoulder and chest.” Rather than wear a shirt that fits best with your body.

3. “Well dressed wearing proper clothing,” he said. A common misconception is that the clothes are wearing better understand the verdict. But, in fact, has always been fashionable to wear suits rather than the sharp casual attire seemed like a lot more than men. And always wear clothing that will fit with the situation.

4. “Do not just wearing shorts and just under 1 or athletic shorts when it should have.” Many men are now aware, the right tie to wear shorts in the summer time. Now it has become acceptable to wear shorts even relax office environment. Cargo shorts are not a just verdict.

5. “In the pocket cargo shorts are very interesting, because it contains everything you can.” The concept is wrong. Because there is no longer the circulation of cargo shorts. Avoid at any cost so that the cargo shorts. Instead, wear thin cotton shorts.

6. “Just boot after the construction workers and low taste.” Also old-fashioned idea. That no man can wear boots.

7. “The modish boat shoe shoe”. Boats in the summer wearing a good shoe. But this does not mean that the modish shoes jutai. There are also a variety of beautiful shoes for fashion.

8. “That’s a good shoe finger jute aspect of the tenant authorship”. These shoes are no longer acceptable. But now men are told to stay away from this kind of shoes.

9. “Match with a belt to wear shoe. What’s not to put on sackcloth, and it does not matter. “It’s true that this particular occasion. But business suit any occasion or common word is not true.

10. “Black shoes can be worn with everything.” In fact, it works. If all you want to wear shoes with medium brown shoes Buy.

11. “Both have to do with a pocket square the match.” Dharanatio this is not correct.

12. “The most dynamic and best-colored suit and black suit. “It is not right. Navy or charcoal-colored suit, rather than the multiple.

13. “Fashion is best for knitting the sweater. “This is kind of old-fashioned sweater here. Another sweater rather than modish now.



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