Mar 14, 2016
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18 Remarkable Growth Of Microsoft Online

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Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker has not developed in a day. The company behind the growth of the world’s richest, Bill Gates and his partner’s uninterrupted work and undiplomatic.
This article contains information about 18 reasons. According to a report in Business Insider.

1. If you buy a share of Microsoft in 1986 for $ 1 then your one dollar reached it now $ 14.990. The 30-year growth rate of 71,283 %.

2. In 1985, Microsoft’s first launch Windows operating system in market.In 1987, 31-year-old Bill Gates became a billionaire.

3.Bill Gates’s wealth that such an increase is likely to be increased by Steve balamara.He purchased the LA Klipper, which was worth two billion dollars.

4.The name of Bill Gates homes Xanadu 2.0, The 66 thousand square foot house he built in his own style. The house is now worth 123 million dollars.According to King County public ayasesorasa office this year, house price stood at the US $ 123.54 million.

5.The first logo of Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen to create the logo took just one day.

6. Brian Eno made music introduced Windows 95 operating system.

7.Windows 95 was the music display. Rolling Stone’s ‘Start Me Up’ was the theme song of the operating system.

8.Another highly popular Microsoft software is Microsoft Excel. It has much-complicated calculations easier.

9. Microsoft employees to join their workplace colleagues bring food from home to celebrate during the serve.

10.Microsoft has patents 48,313. These include future technologies halogens.

11.Bill Gates and Steve balamara 2000 cadres are often seen in the video were encouraging For their employees.

12.In fact, you know? Microsoft and Apple worked together for Macintosh computers. Later, Microsoft announced its own operating system to work separately.

13.In 1994, Microsoft datalink 150 clock designs. This was the first smart watch, which has a 12-year Apple was behind.

14.Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy in 1997 to become a $ 150 million investment. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced since.

15. Microsoft was made the prototype of modern equipment. In the first of these tablets, Internet-connected TV, etc..

16. 2001 Microsoft Xbox gaming console is launched. It consists of high-quality graphics Gamer minds.

17. Microsoft creates a custom Windows 1995, Microsoft named it Bob. It is in the midst of the Windows operating system that represents a cell. But it did not popularity.

18. In 2010, Microsoft said activists from the cafeteria for their free drink beverage 23 million. Most of these organic milk and juice.

Well then, MS or Microsoft is the revolutionary company it changes the world history. now let’s see in the future what Amazement us the Microsoft.



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