Jul 3, 2016
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Now loss weight by playing video game

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For those who have problems with exercise body weight ‘ high-tech ‘ brings solution a new kind of computer games , and apps . Games installed on smartphones inspiration can be found in many weight loss through khelalei said that games manufacturers . According to a report in the Hindustan Times.

diet dash computer games and smartphone apps that use the name of unhealthy eating can be controlled according to the manufacturers. It will inspire you to let the man eat . Anyone interested in weight reduction , it will find ways to lose weight

The game is not just for weight loss . It focuses on healthy food too. How would a man eat his own control , it will be taught at the Games. To what extent should eat a meal and eat it at any stage should stop often do not have the control. But the human brain can be taught to control the issue with a little training. Thus, learning about the foods can be unhealthy. Using this method, even put on French fries smell funny and  you can ignore it said the manufacturers .

Using the mobile app can be determined for each of their own food . Then, when users type their own food to eat unhealthy deviating from the left side of the app gets the opportunity to warn him . The dishes are easy to set up on the user’s control .

Recently, researchers have tested the app . The people who used to eat certain foods are tested for their excess food to serve . It can be seen , excess food greed restraint, they can decide . In addition, it was observed , reduce the amount of food intake of the app .

Participants first diet dash around and kind of sweet foods more information eat. Then they are given to play a part in four games, where their bread is slightly altered. For example, soda, chocolate chips, cookies, etc. The different types of food in front of them presents a picture of their mental strength is increased. After playing the game eight minutes six days a week is enough to improve the users can be seen.

Drexel University researcher Ivan in the United States, Foreman said about the app, “Studies have shown that if you repeatedly practice any restraint on the power of time, you will be robust.” In fact, after testing the app and game content, the researchers said. Using it possible to reduce the excess food or bad food intake largely.



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