May 20, 2016
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How To Play Clash Of Clan Like Pro Without Gems

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So you are just play CLASH OF CLAN for the first time and wonder wow this game is amazing !! i want to be become a professional like these top player ! how can you do that without any gems ? well my friend this artical for you.

First of you need to understand the basic of this game which is raid other village and loot all the gold and elixir pretty simple right ? well it’s not. When you are Town Hall 1-7 updating wall or defence it’s not big deal but when you go higher like 8-11 than the all the pain started.

It took lots of time to upgrade defense and the wall cost so much more. and you have to upgrade your troops to fight with others. there’s lot’s of things going on. A study show that it tooks more than 2 years or maybe more just to max TH 10 without wall if you have 5 works who has never been in sleep mood.

Clash of Clan it’s a pretty big place and also pretty addicted game. so if you really want to be pro you need to play this game all the time like pro (maybe not all the time but you have to play it)

Don’t waste gems – Gems is a really nice green stone which we don’t have so much (unless you bought gem box) so you need to save all the Gems so you can get 5 builder hat. When you have 5 builder hat that’s the time when you do some geming. until than don’t waste a single gems. it’s pretty precious.

Which One Upgrade First ? – This is the important part. If you don’t upgrade the right defense at the right time than it will go horribly wrong in the long run. First you need to upgrade your aria splash defense. These defense secure you village than any other defense. So Upgrade your aria splash defense than upgrade rest.

Upgrade your wall – Upgrading wall is a important part as well. the wall helps to slow down enemy troops. but how can you upgrade your wall when you have tons of other things to update ? well when ever you upgrade a defense first than there will be some gold or elixir will left.You need to update with these extra gold or elixir.

how to get more loot ? – in clash of clan the loot is the most important thing. you can not do anything without your treasure also the stuff like defense walls are pretty expensive. Most of the player don’t find loot to upgrade there defense and wall. I  My self is a TH9 player my defense are all maxed up but my wall is still Th7 it doesn’t looks cool but when you go higher th level you started to get less looting base. sometimes it will take 20 mints to find a good base to attack. After the new update many people don’t use cheap army anymore for rating. army like barbarian and archer is history (for most player) so you have train some higher army for raid. Now here is the problem when you can’t find much loot and you are already loosing loot on army that’s not a very good thing to do now is it ? what i will recommend is lower your trophy range. find a trophy range that works for you. Fir me as TH9 i’m getting so much loot on gold 1/2/3.

Where is the DARK Exile – Now i don’t have to tell you how valuable the dark exile is since you already know. If you want to upgrade your hero fast than you should aim for at least Christel league because doesn’t matter if the base doesn’t have any dark but you win the raid you will get some dark exile. Remember the higher the better.

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