Aug 9, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : Top 5 Reasons NOT To Buy

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In my past artical i told you Top 5 reason why you should buy Samsung galaxy note 7. Today i’ll give you Top 5 Reason why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Let’s go ahead and get started

Reason Number 1 : Now number one problem is the PRICE ! PRICE ! PRICE ! the note 7 is priced at about nine hundred
dollars in the US. You can actually pick up the galaxy s7 edge which is pretty much a note 7 minus. The S Pen
for 650 anywhere you look which is a savings of two hundred fifty dollars.  You have to ask yourself the question
is an S Pen really worth two hundred and fifty dollars ? If not maybe you should stick with the the galaxy s7

Reason Number 2 : Reason number two stems off of reason number one. Not only is note 7 price too much higher than the galaxy
s7 edge but it essentially has all of the same spaces you get the same exact camera on the note 7 sd the galaxy
s7 edge with that twelve dual picel auto focuse camera. You’re going to get the same Sna[dragon 820 processor
which is disappointing because you know a lot of people were really expecting that a 21 processor with a ten percent
above you’re paying almost three hundred dollars extra for a phone you want to see some kind of incremental bump
and spaces and then some folks were disappointed that they didn’t go with 60 gigabytes. A phone like the one plus three
and four hundred dollar can have six gigabytes but a phone like the note 7 at nine hundred
dollars can only have four gigabytes of ram it just seems like the note 7 is no longer the pro model
phone that we remember from note series phones in the past.

Reason Number 3 : Now third point of contention is battery size. For some reason Samsung decided to throw in three thousand
five hundred million power battery. Now granted this is much larger than the three thousand
million power battery and the note 5 but it’s still 100 million powers smaller than the batter in the galaxy s7
edge. I would have loved to have seen a four thousand million power battery in the note 7.
The galaxy s7 edge still looks like a better by with a three thousand six hundred million power battery.

Reason Number 4 : The reason number four is the dual edged display. Now while I personally really
enjoy the dual edged display. So many of people complaining they just hate the do legislate on the note
series from the note series has never come with a dual edged display your complaint is that dual edged
display will be hard to use the S Pen on. It’s hard to type on and the fact that you cannot
use a screen protector on a dual edged display has really gotten under a lot of your skin. Now
perosoanlly i don’t find any truble typing on a dual edged display. Personally I do not use
screen protector so I’ve never had the issue that you’re having there but for many of you the
dual edged display is a reason not to buy the note 7. For me i really don’t mind it actually
enjoy the dual inch display my fifth.

Reason number 5 : Fianl reason is the crummy speaker. So there is a price to pay for waterproofind
a phone and it just happens to be sound quality out of your speaker. we’re going  to have the same
sound exoerience on the note 7 as we had on the Galaxy s7 and s7 edge. So if you listen to anything
through your speaker. Just know that you’d probably be better off just  to use headphones. For
most of you it may not be an issue but for many of you that ends up being quite an issue. Overall
still tink the note 7 is an awesome device if you’re coming from the galaxy note 5 or the note 4
then yes you probably should go ahead and upgrade to the note said that if you’re coming from
the galaxy s7 or galaxy s7 edge should probably just stick witht the phone that you already have.

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