Mar 27, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the best smartphone in expert eye

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Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge of buying a phone now, experts have suggested that C|Net. Of the camera, battery, designed for the great performances. 5.5-inch S-7 on the edge of the carved the additional software has been added. Secondary Samsung phones in the menu bar to create a sweat shed. Icon size has been compared to the previous one. You will find many kinds of information. Find shortcuts to favorite apps and work there. Call to speed dial preferred options. Optional panes to see sports scores and news headlines. There are a separate tool flashlight and ruler. Edge display can easily switch to another screen. From the edge of the display, you can easily go to your favorite number or app. carved parts of the screen from any other screen in one go, there is no problem, you can go straight. S battery life of 7 Edge-like monsters. 0 hours has been drawn up. Esa7 out in 16 hours. The device will be solid and heavy feeling. It should not be something that fell from the hands. Another 5.5-inch screen is bigger than it looks. IPhone 6 Plus S, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy nota5-6-P will be greater than it seems. However, the picture quality of the S-7 edge esa7 Sharp does not seem like much. This is because the extra pixels on the screen, the screen is spreading carved . However, it is not easily understood. Some of the defects can be traced. Because a phone is not perfect. The smooth running of the 1-megapixel camera and a faster processor would seem that, despite the S-7. The e selaphigulora taken on the appearance looks like a plastic. The non-removal battery a little concern. Overall, this phone is a smartphone, however, the most interesting moment.
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