Mar 22, 2016
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Take care your dear mobile phones

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To maintain contact with all the talk, pictures, listening to music, use the Internet, see the time, alarm wake up in the morning to start the day than with each of our lives, including mobile phones. We also use your own preferred set of interests means.

The device is with us every moment, the dear and important to be careful in the use of the phone set. Once the device is important because failure is not the end of trouble. Our lack of awareness and lack of care, a lot of time is wasted mobile phone sets.

Set a long time to use the phone to do:

  1. Set remaining while charging, charging a day. However, if you do not charge the phone battery charge, and frequently performed volt charger with a charge voltage higher than the risk of loss is set
  2. Sometimes there may be slipped a favorite set of hands. Therefore, even if the set is safe to use a cover like this
  3. Hot water will often come to the phone right now with the battery into the open water with a dry cloth to remove.
  4. During the rainy day set out to leave a bag or waterproof paper and bring it out to be wise.
  5. The children are enthusiastic about mobile phones. But the fall from the children could lose your favorite set. Keep out of reach of children set the phone.
  6. Mobile music or other files from the computer to be careful not to attack the virus sets.
  7. Use extra caution is necessary when the touch screen phone. Do not touch with wet hands in the set. With a loud command, with the pressure must not be. Sometimes dust or oil, water came in contact with the screen sensitivity is destroyed, so it should be used carefully Touch Screen Phone
  8. a lot of dust into the mobile screen becomes blurred. Carefully set aside the issue of a separate screen and key pad with a thin cloth to remove.
  9. When traveling in public buses or in the press are afraid of being stolen phones. The phone can keep these places in the hands of
  10. bag or pocket while holding Lock key pad sets
  11. It is not right to play more games mobile sets
  12. set up any kind of problem I would like to see specific service center.

Use care with favorite phone set. Then set will accompany you for many days.



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