Nov 17, 2017
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Use Your Old Android Smartphone Smart Way

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As trendy technology keeps evolving, gadgets and services keep overwhelming U.S. with new and exciting options. On a mean, individuals upgrade their smartphone once each 2 years. So, what to try and do with the previous phone after you get a shiny new one?

Selling is AN choice, however, individuals usually choose cheaper or mid-range devices instead of shopping for a second user one at a lower cost. Don’t simply throw away your previous android phone. There area unit such a large amount of uses for your spare android device that you simply may not remember of. simply notice the correct thanks to faucet into their potential and provides them a brand new life. Here area unit some ways in which could assist you to place your previous android phone to sensible use.

                           10 ways  to Use Your Old Android Smartphone 

  1. Use the previous Phone As alarm clock: One of the cool uses of your previous android smartphone may be a side clock. A smartphone is capable of manufacturing a superb alarm sound to wake you up in the morning.

There area unit all styles of timepiece apps that do everything from taking part in the specific station to recording your sleep patterns. Get yourself a superb clock app from the Google Play Store, like Timely (free) or timepiece Xtreme (free). Also, you’ll get yourself an inexpensive smartphone dock, and you’ve got a customizable timepiece to line beside your bed.

   2. Use the previous phone a table calendar: If you prefer a straightforward addition to your front room or your workplace table, then flip your previous Smartphone into a table calendar.

Google Calendar app will get the work done. synchronize your calendar events with your pill or existing phone and have them show on your new changed table calendar. Another calendar app, like Cal Calendar (free) is additionally ideally suited to this purpose.

3. computer mouse: Remote-Mouse-iPhone-old-phoneWhen it involves workplace or home usage, you’ll flip your previous phone into a mouse and keyboard controller for your computer. All that required is AN app like computer Remote (free) or Unified Remote (free/paid) that you simply have to be compelled to install on your android phone and its companion Mac/Windows/Linux server program.

With such apps put in, you gain the flexibleness to manage your computer from any corner of an area via LAN or Bluetooth. Moreover, some apps allow you to manage your computer from anyplace in the world over the web. you’ll use your superannuated android device for such remote administration applications.

4. Digital Photo Frame: You can quickly flip your previous android phone to a digital icon frame that may show photos or slideshows. A digital icon frame is simply AN electronic show wherever pictures area unit keep. All you would like maybe a phone dock and a photograph streaming app.

Various apps and tools area unit offered for this purpose, simply install AN app like Google icons (free) or Photo Slides (Photo Frame)” (free) and convert your device into a strong iron frame. However, if you would like one thing additional suited to icon slideshows to show within the background whereas you’re doing one thing else around the house, then there’s the Dayframe (free) app for android .

5. Universal Remote Controller: One of the simplest ways in which to use AN previous Smartphone is to serve it as a sensible remote for your home or workplace. several handsets have AN infrared “blaster,” which is able to let it hook up with the TVs, air conditioners, and alternative devices that use an overseas management. Smartphones with IR chargeman will communicate with any devices that receive commands via IR beams. The iPhone doesn’t have AN IR chargeman.

If your phone has AN IR chargeman, then created AN app like positive (free) or AnyMote-Smart Remote (free) which will enable you to issue the IR commands to your device. However, if the phone doesn’t have AN IR chargeman, you’ll either add it up to the phone with a third-party accent which is able to price you somewhat quantity otherwise you might even DIY it for reasons.

6. As a mounted GPS for your car: Take your previous android telephone set and convert it into a permanent in-car GPS. All you would like is to grab an automobile phone mount, an automobile charger, and fix your phone in situ for good.

Load up your phone with guidance apps like Google Maps (free), Waze (free) or the other preferred offline apps like airplane pilot GPS (free) or Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps (free). Your in-car GPS is prepared along with your desired downloaded maps, and you’re ready to travel.

7. Media Centre: Your previous android device, once connected to your home network and loaded up along with your favorite music and films, will be thought of as a media center to stream content around your home. simply laden your assortment on the device and install any of the quality apps, like Kodi (free), magnetic flux unit Player (free) or VLC (free). Also, you’ll fill it with apps like Netflix and Hulu, and you’re sensible to travel.

You can additionally connect your phone to the TV victimization AN MHL or HDMI cable so it will be left bound to your TV.

8. As AN e-reader: One of the nice things concerning android is all of the alternatives for reading apps. If you would like to convey your previous Smartphone a light-weight job whereas it sees out its retirement, you’ll flip it into an ardent e-reader.

An e-book reader is a perfect companion for the fashionable book lovers. All you would like to try and do is laden your device with solely the apps you would like for reading, like Google Play Books (free), Amazon Kindle (free) or the other app that you simply like. Disable notification from all {the alternative|the opposite} apps and use other battery saving tips to urge most screen-on time and enjoy!

9. observation through live video feed: You can think about turning your previous device into a security camera to stay a watch on your home, office, or anyplace you need. simply install a security camera app like IP digital camera (free) from the Google Play Store. The IP digital camera will broadcast each regionally and over a service referred to as ‘Ivideon’ so you’ll read your stream live from anyplace.

You can additionally use the camera to observe a baby, kitty-cam or use it in on your exterior door.

10. Kid-Friendly learning tool: An excellent different use for AN previous android device is popping it into a kid-friendly learning device and dedicating the phone primarily to your child’s education. simply add a restricted user profile to your android device, fill it up with fun and academic apps and provides it to your child to unlock his potentials and acquire in pace with this fast-moving world.

If your device has android seven.0 or higher, you’ll strive “Google Family Link” program to urge additional sturdy management over the phone, as well as talents to line screen-time limits and receive weekly activity reports.

further Uses of your previous smartphone:

  • Your device will be used as a LAN repeater by victimization apps like Netshare.
  • If you’re a developer, you’ll use your spare android for testing functions.
  • Use your device as a fitness huntsman by loading it with fitness following apps.
  • You can flip it into an internet radio for your side table with apps like TuneIn Radio.
  • If you utilize your previous android as an automobile navigation device, you’ll additionally use it as a dashcam by
  • putting in AN app like Autoboy Dash Cam.

Did you discover these cool ways in which of victimization your previous android device to be helpful? Share your reviews in the comments.



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