Oct 22, 2016
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Use the microwave oven 13 out daily work

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Used properly, due to ignorance or just left the house to buy food in the microwave oven to heat up, so use. But with the microwave oven can be numerous. This article highlights some of the work so much.

  1. The  Humidity of air in contact with the crunchy biscuit or crackers expression is lost. However, just when they are heated in a microwave oven. Flower power for 30 seconds to warm biscuits and crackers for you

2. Once the bread is firm, it can be softened in the microwave oven. They cover them with wet towels for kitchen and flower power to keep 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Boiled potatoes for the microwave oven is very effective. A container or bag of potatoes in the water and sprinkle the inside. After five or six minutes of the full power of the microwave oven, run.

4. Onion cut eyes burn? If you cut the onion at the bottom of the microwave oven for 30 seconds and hold. And it’s not normally attacked eyes shine. It will not affect the flavors of onion.

5. Peel garlic in a microwave oven if it is difficult to cast a few seconds to warm. Then you can easily peel.

6. Different types of nuts can easily fry in the microwave oven. Keep a bowl of nuts at high pressures to keep one minute. Then it out a little stir. Thus, when the four-times you will be fried nuts.

7. Honey or jam if it freezes, opened the lid and microwave oven to warm slightly.

8. Butter in the microwave oven can be made. Before you leave for the year, it will make a fortune cream. The glass or ceramic containers in an oven proof mirror to the high-temperature heat for 10-15 minutes.

9.If you want to save a paper towel to dry herbs in the microwave oven to warm for two or three minutes. Dried herbs you’ll be ready.

10. Cereal your spices or if you are about to lose one or two minutes in the microwave oven to warm. Then again, it will be as fresh.

11. If you want to get more juice out of the lemon in the microwave oven to warm to 0 seconds.

12. If you want to melt chocolate in the microwave oven to warm slightly.

13. Tomato skin can easily take one or two minutes in the microwave oven to warm.

Omar Sharif Pollob based on Times of India



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