Mar 11, 2016
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Who is Donald Trump Learn about him

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Donald Trump has the title of king of controversy lately. He born in New York in 1946. his father was a real estate businessman. He also succeeded in this sector. But the identity of assorted. he was sponsored for a long time Miss Universe. His name and reputation have been a lot of financial sense. and he Eprenatista was the name of a reality TV show host. And also, a wrestling matches the presentation. and the interesting fact is he has declared himself bankrupt the Chebar. But he standing up again. Has been the case several times in his name And he has given case also several times.
now he has a 58-storey building, sports clubs, the stock market capital. 9 million dollars of wealth, In total.
the funniest part is about Donald trump he has no experience in politics. But the US Republican party nomination for the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump. According to his campaign, he does very well. that’s why Celebrity is like getting attention. However, the focus is not entirely happy. Access to the land of the Muslims should be banned as such statements received applause was again criticized. however, people don’t like his Announcements.
The Somali jihadist group al-Shabab statement covers this gives them a promotional documentary Triumph. but still, he did not return back.
Rather the people of the country are praised for his courage, because, in his words, many people ignored the issue. A journalist with disabilities has been criticized sarcastically. A woman politician in the Republican Party, said at a press conference ugly. and He quarreled with the journalists at the press conference. Many of these controversial statements about regularly discussed and criticized. US comedians made fun of him on a regular basis.
Chebar previously announced stand in the presidential election But never did stand up until the end. However, this time, he was moving too fast. Analysts say the widespread interest in the campaign and much Self-loving Trump. this may be the dream of his presidency.

However, the event did not go right you will see the power of the universe to the top Whether to get Donald Trump



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