Oct 23, 2016
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Whole world internet control only 14 people

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Only 14 of the world’s Internet controls, sometimes the issue is impossible to accept. But it is real. And there are seven very important for the control key. According to a report in Business Insider.

Internet privacy issues are very important. Because these issues to protect from hackers. There are also plenty of money around the world, the country’s national security and the safety of the bank. For this reason, there is the issue of control in the hands of just 14 people.

The importance of safety on the Internet last Friday to remember the new. At that time, the Internet is an important server ‘Dean’ caught hackers.

Dean server of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) is conducted. Web addresses into IP addresses do it. It is possible to detect computer web pages. Dean is a provider of DNS servers only. Internet speed can be affected by the attack. However, the Internet is not just the server, there are many other servers. The most threatening thing, the Internet is a very sensitive system. As a result, a large server can be attacked under the pressure of the whole system can be fatal.

14 controller
Domain Name System (DNS) is the main part of the Internet. It works with high privacy. Some of the world most important are the control engineer.


010 every three months since the Internet’s privacy controls are integrated with the technology experts. And the Internet is the symbolic key to verify and update.

On behalf of the company at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and his name was done and Numbers (ICANN). The company website address of your computer, if you type the correct site for sending works largely unnoticed.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers When (ICT n n) of the database powers to regulate access to the Internet around the world, he has got. He made a mistake in the rough-and-tumble world of the country may be as important as the websites of billions of dollars in damage.

Internet control into the hands of a man because of the sensitivity of the matter, he can not be too careful control of the authorities ICANN. And because they have a total of 14 people were assigned the task. If they want to make any changes to the Internet, then at least he can change the keys together. Up until then, their work is not acceptable.

Internet key
The fact that the Internet is the key to physical smart card key. They are stored in a sepia. And it is working with more than one key is needed. This is the master key is called the Internet.

In fact, the Internet is a master key code. This code is required for access to the database ICANN. The different parts of the code that controls the Internet.

In June, the Internet’s privacy controls are integrated with the technology experts. But they had a very strict security measures. And the Internet is the symbolic key to verify and update.

Some of the information in the event of Internet video controllers



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